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How Can I Pray For You

I do all of the talking here. And, well, that’s no fun!

My initial intent was to create a community where all of us imperfect women who love God could encourage each other in our journeys. Well, yall are shy. I get it. Really I do.

But I want there to be more. So, this is what I want to do. I want to pray for you.

I do not have a team of people. It’s just me. So, there’s no group of chatty girls looking over your deepest concerns. I’m not a fancy prayer warrior, but I will pray fiercely for you. And know, I will always be praying God’s best over you.

So, it would be my honor to pray on your behalf. I’ll keep your requests and needs and hurts and desires tightly to my chest.

You can reach me directly by clicking on the link below.

I look forward to praying for you and celebrating with you!

NOTE: This is actually a new separate Page on the blog, but I wanted my faithful readers to be aware. Much love to you all.

3 responses to “How Can I Pray For You”

  1. Thank-you. I do appreciate it.🤗


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