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Pillow Talk

I tossed and turned all night. Oh I hate those kinds of nights. Reliving a day, pre-determining the moves of the next with the hopes of making it more productive.

At one point, I wondered why the  melatonin gummy of choice was failing me. It never fails me.

“Hey. Did we take our melatonin?,” I asked my hubs. Yes. Im sure I interrupted his own sheep.

“Yes. I laid it on your pillow.”

“Thanks. I couldn’t remember.”

“Love you.”

“Love you.”

The tossing continued, accompanied by an aching elbow that couldn’t find its pain-free position.

Finally, I got up much earlier than usual.

But because I can’t pull a sneak on my Rocco, I completed the old pup’s routine.

I made my way to the coffee pot and began the morning brew.

Sitting on the sofa, I waited patiently for that magical first cup.

Beep beep.


Walking to get that nectar of lesser gods, something hit my ear. Startled, I reacted with a slap. My hair a tangled mess, I felt a mass hanging in its strands.

Laughing, I pulled it from my hair. 

“I laid it on your pillow.”

Yes. But obviously I did not eat it. That gelatinous cube of sleepy goodness only works if you ingest it!

You know where I’m going with this,   right?

That Bible on your night stand? On your coffee table? On your desk? End table?

It’s filled with the knowledge of God’s love for you. His grace and forgiveness.  His wisdom for living and becoming. But it cannot make  a difference if we don’t ingest it.

Yes.  Maybe you know the overarching story. But God wants to speak to you about the details. And your reading His word is how He can do that. And His Word never fails you. It never fails to tell you just how much He loves you.

So, let’s not live our days with a tangled mess about us. Don’t leave the melatonin on your pillow.  And don’t leave your Bible on the table.

One response to “Pillow Talk”

  1. Amen! The Word is our help, our road map. 🙌🏼 📖
    I hope you remember your melatonin next time. 😆 I can’t take it myself. I go to sleep for an hour with horrible dreams, and then I’m up for the rest of the night. I’ve found sleepy time or stress relief tea/stress relief gummies help me better.


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