Angi Aymond

Growing in wisdom. Walking in grace.

Hi! I’m Angi Aymond.

My given name is Angela. It falls a bit fancier on the ears. But the only people who call me Angela are strangers. Acquaintances. People from the bank.

The people who love and care about me? They call me Angi.

I invite you to call me Angi as well.

I married my high school sweetheart thirty-six years ago. (Save the eyeroll for later. You might need it.) We have three beautiful daughters. One of those beauties has given us a delightful little boy who calls us Gigi and Pappy. He is smart and funny and, well. You get the picture.

It’s just the two of us here in our little empty nest. We’ve acclimated well. Can I be honest? It was worth the wait!

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