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  • And Then There Was Sunday!

    And Then There Was Sunday!

    Sunday broke the deafening silence of Saturday. Not just that Saturday, but all of my silent Saturdays of the soul. Yours, too. Sunday’s light shined into the darkness. Not just the darkness of the tomb, but all of my darkness since. Yours, too. Sunday morning changed mourning into joy. Not just for Jesus’ first followers,… Continue reading

  • What’s So Good About Friday?

    What’s So Good About Friday?

    John 18-20 It was barely Friday when Judas kissed Jesus in the Garden. Oh, that pretentious kiss. Proof he had given his heart to another. Soldiers followed close behind the betrayer. They just kept coming, rank and file, with their lanterns and swords. Ready for a hunt. A fight. There was no fight. Jesus replied with a simple,… Continue reading

  • Toddler Wisdom

    Toddler Wisdom

    If your family is like mine, your children composed for you a collection of isms from which you often pull to illustrate a point. Or fondly remember days gone by. Around here, we use our collection regularly. And while I would be delighted to share from the Book of Aymond-isms, for the sake of my… Continue reading