seasons change

Hey Margaret, You Up?

Well. I went to bed at 8:30 last night, because my body thought it was 9:30. And here I am pecking away on the keyboard at 4:45 this morning for the same reason.

Here in the US, (I see you Arizona) daylight saving time has ended.

(Can we really save daylight?)

I’ve heard moans and groans on my social media, most people dreading the early arrival of darkness in standard time.

Oh, I hear you, friends. I do. I remember being a young mama, getting off work, picking up my girls after dark. Ugh…

Your kiddos are up waaay too early. And they are cranky earlier than usual.

There’s no time to stop at the grocery store after work of you don’t want to do so in the dark.

No time for shortening that honey do list in the late afternoons.

We’ve been robbed of potential productivity!!

But what if this is a gift?

Oh, I know. In our post-modern world we don’t see seasons as gifts. We seem them as interruptions. We love spring and summer as they both nearly scream “Produce. Produce. Produce!”

But why do we struggle to embrace the slowing of fall?

It’s a complex topic. I’m not suggesting it isn’t.

In the darker days of fall and winter, your boss still wants you to meet deadlines.

Your child’s school begins and ends at the same time. Extracurricular activities becon you to be all things to all people.

And our local churches still gather.

But I am suggesting we consider the shorter days as a gift of design, by the Designer.

Shorter days and longer nights give us opportunity to slow down. Though the clock ticks at the same pace, we can make adjustments in our schedule. And yes. That will require we make adjustments in our perception.

Let me be the first to tell you: “It’s okay to slow down.”

I’m not sure when burning our candles at both ends became a trophy to display. While burnout is frowned upon – will get you shamed, actually – running hard, just right to its edge gets you applause. Short -lived applause that will be waiting for your next 80 hours.

But you suffer. And your kids suffer. Your family suffers.

By design, our days become shorter. What if the Designer knew we’d need an excuse, an opportunity to slow down? To talk more slowly. Eat more slowly. Live just a tad slower. For just a season or two.

And why are we so determined to override His design?

Let me challenge you to embrace the slowing of the season. Manage your calendar. Love your family.

Say no to some good things in exchange for the better things.

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