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When Gluttony is Good

About one month into the craziness of COVID quarantine, my hubs and I determined we needed to adopt the 8-inch plate. Our theory was: this smaller plate holds less food. Therefore, we will eat less.

Our findings: never underestimate your ability to overcome an obstacle!!

Yes. We simply went for round 2. Or perhaps we piled the plate.

Recalling dinner on the ground, potluck suppers, and all-you-can eat buffets should have reminded me that some of us, do indeed, know how to pile our plates.

Yet, others seem to be quite controlled and restrained. Maybe even polite. Actually leaving white space on their plates.

At the original writing of this, I was looking around our South Louisiana community. And I saw people with full plates, piling on more. Yes. People with full time jobs. Families. Businesses to run. And I saw them piling on more.

What were they piling on? Whatever they could. Collecting food. Cooking meals. Delivering meals. Cleaning yards. Buying and donating generators. Loaning generators. Organizing volunteers. Giving money to reputable organizations who are equipped to provide appropriate assistance.

All of this on top of what was already on their plates. Because even with all that was hurting the people of our country, some of our neighbors had an added burden of having lost all they owned.

So in order to love their neighbors well, people were piling their plates.

And now, with Hurricane Ida, here we are again. Another opportunity to pile our plates high.

I know. Some of us have bigger plates than others. Some of us have greater ability to maneuver a plate piled high. But let’s not trade for smaller plates. Not right now!

I encourage us all to move beyond the feels. And do something. Whatever you can. However you can. You can make a sacrifice of money, time, sweat, or tears. Or any combination thereof.

“Through love, serve one another.”


I know. It might feel like your effort isn’t worth much. Or wouldn’t make much difference.

But just think about that one little brownie you once piled on top of your plate. It wobbled as you found your seat. You did a little dance maneuver to protect it. Because it was gonna be so worth it. Right?

So, in the coming days and weeks, pile a little extra on your plate!

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