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walking in grace

  • Twas the Night Before (The First) Christmas

    Twas the Night Before (The First) Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before the first ChristmasAnd the world’s heart was dark,Blinded by sin,Cold. Marred. So far from the gardenWhere His presence was sensedWithout fear, guilt or shame.Before disobedience commenced. Down through the agesMen had struggled with trustOf a God they couldn’t see.So, see Him, they must. What kind of loveMoves a Father to giveHis… Continue reading

  • Go Ahead. Take Off That Mask!

    Go Ahead. Take Off That Mask!

    The pumpkins are carved. The candy is in the cauldron. And the gumbo will be brewing soon enough. Yes, it’s almost Halloween here in South Louisiana! If this year is anything like last, we will have a ton of kids stopping by in search of sugary treats! And regardless of your take on this day of… Continue reading

  • Hey. Hey. Hey.

    Hey. Hey. Hey.

    So. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything worth sharing. That’s because, more often than not, I write from very personal places: my heart and my mind. And the last few months, well, no one would have wanted to experience any of that. Just a big bunch of ugly. Becoming more like Jesus is… Continue reading