Angi Aymond

Growing in wisdom. Walking in grace.

Who’s Coming To Dinner?

MATTHEW 26; LUKE 22; MARK 14; JOHN 13-15

It’s Thursday.

Jesus and His Twelve returned to Jerusalem, for the time of Passover was soon. Streets were still crowded. But a place was reserved just for them. A borrowed room.

At evening they gathered. Can you see them there? Around the table, a bit crowded, each leaning forward, left arm propped on the table. Legs stretched behind them.

The conversation is robust. The food satisfying.

Disciples arguing over who is the greatest. These men, always worrying about that. The conversation is getting heated. Pride building. Huffing.

What’s that I hear? Is that water? Ahhh, yes. Long water finding a basin. Wait. The room quiets.

Jesus unwraps His outer garment and lays a towel across His bent knee. He begins to wash the feet of these people He loves beyond all reason. He’s teaching again. With His words and by His actions.

If you are worried about being the greatest, watch me. This is how you become great. Do this.

Jesus finds His place again at the table. Next to the disciple whom He loved. Oh, Jesus loved them all. That little phrase used by the writer, proof he had experienced His love to the full.

Then the atmosphere changes. What did He say? He can’t mean me! It would never be me, Jesus!

One prods the other. Ask Him who He means.

Jesus takes a piece of bread and sops it into a bowl and offers it to one of the twelve. An offering of love, perhaps; a brief opportunity to confess. To come back.

But he took the sop and ate.

Jesus passes the wine and breaks the bread. While they eat and drink He offers a new covenant. A new reminder.

His body will be the last perfect Lamb. A sacrifice that won’t need repeating.

Did you see someone slip away?

Do any of these learners fully understand what Jesus is saying? No. Not yet. But the room fills with song just the same.

Wait. Now where are they going?Ahh. Yes. The garden. Near the Mount of Olives. Jesus loves to teach in that place.

What? Jesus just warned Peter of his weakness? I can’t believe it. Neither can Peter! Never. Jesus, I would never.

Three times, Peter. Before the rooster crows.

Jesus prays; blood sweat finds His eyes. Did you hear those last two lines? “Father, take it from me. But not my will, only Yours.”

What’s that noise? What’s happening? What’s happening!?

The one who slipped away has returned with a kiss, bringing with it a sword.

Father, on this day I pause especially to remember. I’m so grateful to know what these men didn’t. And because I know the rest of the story may I never betray you for another. May I not deny You for my own comfort. May I love the one-anothers in my life. May I abide in You. Love like You. Serve like You. Amen

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