Angi Aymond

Growing in wisdom. Walking in grace.

The Waiting of Wednesday

Wednesday morning came. We aren’t sure what Jesus did, but He awoke in Bethany again.

Perhaps He had breakfast with His dearest friends. A long slow meal, His last with these friends who had followed Him these three years. Listened. Followed. Loved.

And, oh, He loved them, too. He knew they didn’t fully understand what was coming, though He’d told them over and over. Perhaps, there was a bit more time for teaching. But not today.

The one was absent. Judas. He was in the city making a deal with the Pharisees who were deep in their desperate plans to kill Him.

And Jesus waited in Bethany. Letting what needed to happen, happen.

Surely, He spent time with alone with His Father. Knowing what was coming, He would need the spiritual strength of His Abba Father.

And maybe He rested, saving His physical strength for His purpose.

Perhaps I’ll do that today. What about you?

Can we spend some alone time with our Abba Father. Experiencing His presence. Drawing from Him our joy, our strength.

Father, waiting is hard. Waiting in hard times is harder. As I pause to remember the last days of Jesus, strengthen my faith. Remind me that You are working, even on a Wednesday. Even through betrayal.

Give me grace enough for just today. Amen.

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