Angi Aymond

Growing in wisdom. Walking in grace.

Twas the Night Before (The First) Christmas

‘Twas the night before the first Christmas
And the world’s heart was dark,
Blinded by sin,
Cold. Marred.

So far from the garden
Where His presence was sensed
Without fear, guilt or shame.
Before disobedience commenced.

Down through the ages
Men had struggled with trust
Of a God they couldn’t see.
So, see Him, they must.

What kind of love
Moves a Father to give
His one and only Son
That His created might live?

A love so deep
And a love so wide.
A love Who pursues
Those still trying to hide.

From the beauty of heaven
And His Father’s glory
Jesus continued His role
In the greatest love story.

Removing His crown,
He stepped off of His throne
And into human flesh.
Becoming confined by bone.

In one blessed moment
Many ages ago,
Christ came as a baby
That we might know

Just how much we are loved
By a God Who is able
To turn the world upside down.
A King in a stable?

On that first night of Christmas
Oh, the angels would tell:
He is born in a manger.
All is well. All is well..

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