Angi Aymond

Growing in wisdom. Walking in grace.

Promised Hope

Anticipation. Expectation. Longing.

The essence of Advent.

But too often, we would rather not wait on anything. Not even Christmas. We just want to get to it and get through it. Make our lists and check them twice. Check things off.

Get through it.

But if we could be still, we might hear Christmas calling us to a different pace and a different place. Beyond tinsel and lights.

Though our wait is a mere 365 days at a time, this story we retell each December began long ago.

No. Longer than that.

Before angels sang, or shepherds feared, or the stable opened its door, this story was birthed in the heart of a God who loves you and me more than anything. A God who is Love.

And the people waited long.

Christmas is the story of Hope coming for a broken world, full of broken people, each separated from the One who loves them. Hope, coming to restore all of the broken.

Maybe you’ve heard this story a thousand times. Or never at all. You might be joyful in hope or desperate for hope. Perhaps you’ve given up on hope. Oh, friend, this story is for you. I have prayed it reaches each of you right where you are!

My intent is to expose and bring to life the extraordinary story of Hope woven through the pages and people of the Bible. My trust is in the Author of the story to use and redeem, if necessary, my words for His glory and His purpose.

So, friends, beginning December 1st, let’s read this story together. You get your coffee and I’ll get mine. Or your tea. I won’t judge you if you prefer tea.

And together, let’s wait and long for, expect and experience the Hope of Christmas.

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