walking in grace

Nothing But A Prayer

Hey guys.

I know I’ve been a bit absent. Living the transient life while remodeling has proven to be a gift of fodder for writing, but no time to do so.

But I wanted to pray for you.

Father in heaven, You are both infinite and intimate. The greatest of juxtapositions. We cannot fully understand it, but we know it to be true. We see Your creation and we have felt Your presence among us and within us.

Father, today I pray for my friends who are struggling. Struggling to believe You are here. Struggling to believe You love them. Struggling to believe You have their best interest heart. Father, make Yourself known to them. Woo them like only You can.

Father, I pray for those in need. Whatever the need, I pray that You provide. Lord I ask You to provide the money. The food. A way out. The way in. A caring friend. A husband’s heart to soften. A wife’s heart to listen. But more than provision Father, I pray You meet them in their need. Ipray they know that Your presence is better than Your provision. Though we know You care about our needs.

Father, I pray for those grieving the death of loved ones. Saying goodbye is hard, Lord. The hole feels like it’s going to swallow them up. I ask You to give them Your peace. To hold them until they can move. And then to cover them with Your love as they learn to walk without the flesh and bone of their loved one.

Father, I pray for the hurting parent whose child has walked away. From them. Or from You. It’s excruciating Father. Fill them with hope for a return. Teach them to love and live with boundaries, while not constructing walls around their hearts. Oh, may they be feeding the calf and polishing the ring in preparation for that day when their hope is fulfilled.

I pray for that mother Lord, trying to hold it all together. Trying, but not sure it’s enough. Father, call her to Yourself. Teach her to trust in You, but also to simply trust You. Teach her that the safest and most productive place to be is in Your arms. That no time spent with You is wasted. Or frivolous.

Father, I pray for the weary. Those who are tired and worn out. Whipped and done. I pray they turn to You, and let You carry them and renew their strength. A strength that comes only from You. And Father, I pray they know it’s okay to rest. And that any guilt arising from resting will be quited by Your whisper… “Let me hold you. Let me help you.”

Father, I know You see us and love us. You care about the big things and the small things. Lord, you delight in us! I pray that we experience Your presence, and delight in You as well.

Filled with Your spirit, renewed in Your strength, and soaked in Your love, may we shine like stars in the universe as we go into our little worlds today.


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